The Prophet


The Prophet showed up several days before the fall of The Kingdom, offering to heal the sick and wounded that had been claimed by the undead attacks on Pittsborough. Although seeming benign enough at first, he soon took issue with Gareth, the town elder leading the defense. Although Gareth attempted to quell any unrest, claiming that conflict would weaken the town more than it could afford, The Prophet branded him as a warmonger and a Kingdom loyalist. At first, the accusations found little purchase, but once The Kingdom fell (three days before the present day), The Prophet rallied his support by claiming that the authoritarian Kingdom had completely abandoned Pittsborough to the wrath of the undead. He now had the town split neatly down the middle in regards to allegiances: Those who sided with him against the rule of The Kingdom, and those who sided with Gareth as loyalists.

Current Status

The Prophet was discovered to have been storing amputated limbs from the Pittsborough hospital in his tent, and the following confrontation caused the unwelcome addition of a large hole in the side of The Cage. The Prophet ran outside the Pittsborough walls with the Merry Band hot on his heels, and soon revealed himself to be a Wight – a semi-intelligent undead magic user with command over the undead attempting to ransack Pittsborough.

The Prophet has since escaped into the former Pittsborough mines/dragon cave. He seems to have turned the area into an undead lair, but it is not clear what purpose this is for.

The Prophet

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