A Merry Band of Adventurers

Olorein's Journal

Year 2334 On the 14th day of the sol of the fern.
It has been a year now that I have spent in the grand city of the Kingdom, and I have been searching for an answer to the council’s problems. I have read through the majority of the tomes in the main library, but to no avail. I have taken up my cause with the king, and he has allowed me to work in the confines of the castle’s high library for the latest sol. In my studies here, I have befriended the members of the royal family, but they have remained blissfully ignorant to the council’s cause. Today, I had taken to reading about the degeneration of the pinkspurt wildflower when I was joined by a toadman who looked to be distraught. We shared a table as we both read our respective tomes. We were joined by the princess Kayah, who had come to request the help of this toad who called himself Mort.
I found myself joining this misshapen party that had been on the trail of gang activity within the city. Apparently they had been involved in a plot that concerned the princess’s brother. The captain of the guard, an unsightly giant, joined us with plans to take a gang stronghold. We walked through the city, and I must say, in all of my previous entries, I have never described the marvel that is the city. It has many high towers, with large walls, that tower over you as though you were in the belly of a great canyon. The city itself bustles with life and activity as any great capital does. As we walked to wherever the beast was taking us, we passed by many a friendly face, and I cannot help but smile at the goodness that fills the hearts of the citizens here.
We arrived at the door of the supposed stronghold. We have a foolhearted man of the guard named Bryan that the giant had brought along for good measure, and began to attempt to gain entrance to the gang’s stronghold. As I looked at the arrangement of the stars, the oaf decided it would be prudent to place his foot through the wooden door of the holdout. What a sweet fellow that one. We gained entrance due to crafty words from the giant, and found ourselves in a party. I don’t know all of the details, but the giant began to dance with the ruffians, and I found myself lightly chatting with the one that appeared to be the leader. Things escalated quickly between us, and I found myself screaming at the brute. This drew the attention of the entire room, and we were quickly labeled enemies of the party. As quickly as it started, it was over, with the princess’s mighty strikes, and the lighthearted cadet’s valiant efforts to stay the hand of the leader. We were able to vanquish our foes, and bring the leader into our custody.
The giant removed himself to deal with business of the city guard, and we took to looking about the room. We noticed a large cage that appeared to have recently housed the prince, and we thought it fitting to place the brute in it, carried by the young fool. As we walked back to the castle, an ominous message was written in the stars. I wrote it off as an old fool that I am. Upon our return to the castle, we noticed that things were amiss. For starters, some of the guards were slumped against the wall, appearing to be slain. All along the halls, and I pick the pockets of the guards that had fallen, for they no longer had any use of their gold. We came to the foyer before the throne room, where some of the guards were still alive, attempting to force their way into the throne room. What they said was not important for soon we were standing face to face with a large skeletal dragon in the throne room. We fled at Mort’s council as the king and queen battled the dragon. He kept shouting “It’s a dracolitch! It’s a dracolitch!” as we ran away from the terror. We fled to the river and made our escape to a border town called Hommlith, which housed a family member of the oaf. We shall rest here for the night, hopefully our situation improves.

Year 2334 On the 18th day of the sol of the fern.
I hope they catch up quickly. There is only so much waiting that an old tree can do. It is light on my mind, so details of this journal will be sparse. We interrogated the leader of the gang, and found that he was a mere minion. Whatever else he told us seems unimportant now with our arrival at Pittsborough, a village in the Northern part of the Kingdom. We were following the trail of the prince, and suspected that he had fallen into more dastardly hands. On our way to the village, we were beleaguered by a tentacle faced man in the forest that seemed intent on killing us. We fought him, and incapacitated him in the cage that we had taken from the gang’s hideout. This man is a sour sort, but seemed trustworthy enough so we allowed him to accompany us to the village. Upon getting here, we came across what appeared to be a town meeting. The village was ragged and seemed to be worn tired from some kind of strife. Of what that was, I cannot say at the time that I write this journal. The town meeting adjourned, and the sulky looking fellow stalked away. The larger man, who we found was named Garath, began to talk with the giant Ga’kril. Whatever was said was not important, as I continued to observe where the sulky man was walking off to. When the talking was finished we ventured to the prophet’s quarters. I was suspect of the gangly creature from the beginning, so while the giant made to question the man, I snuck into his tent, and found some objects of suspect. Before I could continue my search, I heart raised voices outside, and emerged to find the giant attacking the small man. The guard was prepared to arrest the giant when I stepped in and helped the fellow out. I pointed out the crate that I had dug up, and we found limbs inside. Before we knew what was happening, the so called prophet was fleeing, with the aid of some demonic magic. We pursued him out of the town, and vanquished his minions. As the others debated what to do, I gave chase until I came to an opening in the woods. I realize that this pursuit was an act of stupidity on my part, and await the arrival of my friends, passing the time by writing. I do hope they come to my aid soon, for I fear great peril lays ahead.



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