Welcome to The Kingdom!

It’s a nice place.

However, right now? This nice place needs some Big Damn Heroes.

The Prince is missing.

Trouble is brewing.

And evil’s getting ready to bring some smackdown on the gentle institute of peace.

Will a Smurf, a Toad, a Giant, and a Tree be enough to stop it?

That’s pretty much up to them, assuming they don’t try to correct too many people’s naughty language.

This is the center for the adventures of Kayah the Princess, Gak’ril the Feisty Bulwark, Mort the Benevolent Monk, and Olerein the Elderly Arboleid Warrior. Their adventures will (schedule permitting) be vast, epic, and gritty, and the property damage will hopefully be minimal.

Drop your socks and grab your Spell Rods, this is going to be one wild ride.

A Merry Band of Adventurers

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